Friday, January 14, 2011

No Pumpkin Pie?

In the fall, many of us eat some special types of food and particpate in fun fall activites!  But did you know, some of that food wouldn't happen without honeybees?  Honeybees (and other types of wild bees) pollinate pumpkins.  So without honeybees we would have a lot fewer pumpkins for jack o' lanterns or pumpkin pie!

Pollination review:Pollen is the male part of flower.
Honeybees in a pumpkin blossom (see the pollen?)
The female part of the flower is inside (we usually can't see it)
When honeybees take pollen from one flower to another, some of that pollen falls off, into the flower.
This makes a seed.
Fruits, vegetables, and nuts usually grow around the seed (like pumpkins!)

So, as you are carving your pumpkin, scooping out all the seeds, or roasting pumpkin seeds for a quick snack, or eating pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, think about the work of the honeybees!

"Bee in the Know":  Honeybees pollinate pumpkins and many other vine crops, including cucumbers, watermelons, and cantaloupes!

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