Thursday, April 1, 2021

BEE-utiful with Honey

You have probably heard the saying "honey has been used since ancient times." Could that really be true? The answer may surprise you but yes, honey was used thousands of years ago all over the world in places like Greece, Egypt, and Spain! Some used it as a way to flavor or sweeten food while others realized its medicinal properties and used it as a way to heal wounds. But those that wanted to have beautiful skin realized honey was the answer. It is easy to look your best when you incorporate honey into your skin and hair care routine.

An 8,000 year old painting discovered in Arana Cave in Spain
where honey is being gathered from a hive on a cliff face.

Hair Care

Honey has been used as a hair treatment for centries since honey has numerous benefits when applied to your hair. Honey is an emollient, which means that it both smoothes and softens dry hair, as well as a humectant which helps to retain moisture. Besides boosting your hair's moisture content, honey can also make your hair shinier and more manageable. And if you are looking to naturally lighten the color of your hair, honey can bring out your hair's natural highlights. Through using honey as a hair mask on a regular basis, you can see stimulated hair growth as it can nourish and regenerate cells on your scalp. But the benefits of using honey don't stop there! If you have dandruff, honey just might be the answer. Besides moisturizing the skin cells on your scalp, honey is antibacterial which can help to treat infections but also kill the bacteria that can lead to dandruff. Pamper yourself with a simple homemade honey hair mask to soften your hair and soothe the scalp!


Skin Care

We now know that honey can moisturize your hair but those same moisturizing properties found in honey can also do great things for your skin! Brighten and moisturize your skin through a honey face mask. Using honey as a facial scrub can exfoliate dry and dead skin leaving your skin softer and smoother. Besides using honey as just a facial scrub, you can also use honey to moisturize chapped lips. If you struggle with acne, psoriasis, or eczema, try applying unpasturized honey to your sking to activate your immune system while also reducing inflammation and redness. The power of honey does not end there. By applying honey on scars, it can fade acne scars or improve the healing of a wound or sun burn. And if you are really looking to pamper yourself, indulge in a milk and honey bath just like Cleopatra did. 

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Pamper yourself with honey beauty regiments that have been used for thousands of years. Through honey and its moisturizing properties, refresh and brighten your skin or moisturize your hair to be BEE-utiful through the use of honey!