On this page, you will find lesson plans and worksheets for use in the classroom or at home. These  will help you to learn more about the wonderful world of honeybees while having fun!

Lesson Plans

Use these innovative lesson plans for continuing education after a honey queen or beekeeper presentation in your classroom. Created by 2018 American Honey Queen Kayla Fusselman.

Clay Bee Bath Lesson - 5th-12th grade, students will make a bee bath to help hydrate honeybees
Honeybee Pollination Lesson - 3rd-12th grade, explore plant biology and honeybee pollination
Honeybee Writing Lesson 5th-12th grade, students will write a narrative on the role of queen, worker or drone bee


These coloring pages and educational worksheets were drawn by 2011 American Honey Princess Allison Adams. She did a beautiful job illustrating some exciting aspects of beekeeping. You'll learn more about the hive, the honey bees inside of it, the jobs that they do, and the amazing products they produce, like honey! Click here for the complete collection.

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