Saturday, June 1, 2019

Medical World of Honey

Image may contain: textHoney is a food that never spoils and a substance most commonly used for eating. Yet, the wondrous properties of honey don't stop there! Honey can also be used as a medicine. Honey has antibacterial properties which help create an ideal wound healing environment for any scrape or cut you may have. If you do end up getting a cut or a scrape, just apply honey to the wound and wrap it in gauze. The honey will keep the wound moist and sterile to help it heal from the inside out which will reduce scarring!

Honey has been used as medicine for ages.  During the World Wars, many supplies were rationed and people had to make sacrifices. This rationing also affected the doctors and surgeons in war zones. In order to still provide for the injured, doctors would use honey on their medical equipment! They would dip the medical utensils into the honey which would then sterilize the equipment before they used it. While it would create a sticky situation, the benefits of the honey were pretty sweet!

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Throughout the year, many of us struggle with a sore throat at some point. If it's from a cold or simply from how much you talk in a day, honey can aid a helping hand! Honey, especially buckwheat honey, has been proven to be a better sore throat aid and cough suppressant than the normal cough syrup you get at a drug store. Next time you suffer from a cough, give honey a try!

Whether you want to use honey on your toast in the morning or keep it in your first aid kit, the many uses of honey are endless!