Honey Princess

My name is Jenny Gross. I am from Wisconsin, and I'm a sophomore at Concordia University Wisconsin. At school, I am a student ambassador, a social media copywriter and an orientation leader. I am involved in women's ministry, Bible studies and mission trips. In my spare time, I enjoy painting, singing, theatre, playing ukulele and beekeeping. 
As the 2018 American Honey Princess, I travel across the country to teach students, 4-H groups, and fair-goers about the importance of honeybees and pollination in our everyday lives. I also attend many different events such as fairs, festivals, and farmers markets and have interviews with tv, radio, and newspapers. To find out if the American Honey Queen or Princess can visit your school or community, please visit the American Beekeeping Federation website. You can ask me a question on the Questions tab of the blog or email me at buzzingacrossamerica@gmail.com.

Where in America is Princess Jenny?

January 24 – Wisconsin – Ag Day at the Capitol
January 26 – Wisconsin – newspaper interview
January 31-February 6 – Wisconsin – media & presentation training
February 16-19 – New Jersey – State Beekeeping Conference
February 23-25 – Minnesota – University of Minnesota Beekeeping in Northern Climates Course
March 2-5 – Texas – Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
March 10 – Wisconsin – beekeeping meeting
March 12 – Wisconsin – newspaper interview
March 15-19 – Wyoming – Wyoming Bee College
March 22-25 – Florida -  Florida Bee College
March 28 – Illinois – elementary school presentation
May 3-6 – California Honey  
April 20-23 – Wisconsin – school presentations and media interviews
May 3-6 – California Honey Festival
May 19 – Wisconsin – garden party presentation
May 24-27 – Texas – BeeWeaver BuzzFest