Honey Princess

My name is Tabitha Mansker. I am from Texas, and I live on my family's small farm and enjoy caring for our animals. I was deeply involved in 4-H for more than eight years and enjoy all aspects of agriculture. Currently, I am pursuing studies in business and marketing, and I hope to become a teacher. I stay busy helping to manage my family’s 16 hives of bees and extracting honey for many commercial beekeeping operations. 
As the 2016 American Honey Princess, I travel across the country to teach students, 4-H groups, and fair-goers about the importance of honeybees and pollination in our everyday lives. I also attend many different events such as fairs, festivals, and farmers markets and have interviews with tv, radio, and newspapers. To find out if the American Honey Queen or Princess can visit your school or community, please visit the American Beekeeping Federation website. You can ask me a question on the Questions tab of the blog or email me at buzzingacrossamerica@gmail.com.

Where in America is Princess Tabitha?

January 20-26 – Wisconsin (Training)
February 9-16 – Florida (State Fair, community presentations)
February 26-28 – Minnesota (University of Minnesota Beekeeping in Northern Climates class)
March 2-6 – Florida (Florida Bee College)
March 7-12 – Kentucky (Bee Friendly Frankfort & Bluegrass Beekeepers School)
March 13-20 – Connecticut (Ag Day at the Capitol and community presentations)
April 11 - Texas (Collin County Beekeepers meeting)
April 13-17 - Oregon (GloryBee Bee Days) 
April 20 - Texas (Quinlan schools) 
April 25 - Texas (Caddo Mills schools) 
May 1-7 - Washington (Kennewick Salmon Summit) 
May 9 - Texas (Collin County Beekeepers meeting) 
May 11-17 - Texas (Captain Shishka Bob & Galveston community events) 
May 18-25 - Texas (Pasadena Strawberry Festival & community events) 
June 13 - Texas (Collin County Beekeepers meeting) 
June 18-20 - Ohio (Pollinator Week events in Cleveland)
July 11-18 – Arizona (Maricopa Home & Garden Show and community events)
July 26-28 – New Jersey (Eastern Apicultural Society Conference)
July 29-August 3 – New Jersey (Warren County Farmers’ Fair)
August 4-7 – Wisconsin State Fair
August 8-15 – New Jersey State Fair
August 18-24 – Kentucky State Fair
August 25-27 – New Jersey (Hunterdon County Fair)
August 28-September 5 – Nebraska State Fair
September 6-11 – Ohio (Lithopolis Honeyfest)
September 19-26 – California (Los Angeles County Fair)
September 30-October 2 – Maryland (Oregon Ridge Nature Center Honey Harvest)
October 3-9 – Maine (Fryeburg Fair)
October 10-12 - Georgia (Georgia National Fair)
October 13-16 - Texas (Texas State Fair)
October 18-19 - Tennessee (community visits)
October 26 - Texas (school visit)
November 3-6 - Texas (Texas Beekeepers Association convention)
November 7-11 - Oklahoma (school visits)
November 14 - Texas (local beekeeping club meeting)