Honey Queen

I am Mary Reisinger, the 2020 American Honey Queen. I am from Texas, and I am a senior at the University of Texas at Dallas, studying speech-language pathology. I am an active volunteer in the Collin County Beekeepers Association and currently tend to six hives of bees. My interests, in addition to beekeeping, include reading, hiking, camping, church, and catching up on current research.
Image courtesy of David Loeb
As the American Honey Queen, I am a spokesperson for the American Beekeeping Federation, the national organization for beekeepers. I travel across the United States promoting beekeeping, educating the public, and representing the over 200,000 beekeepers in the United States. The American Honey Princess, Sydnie, and I are working very hard this year to promote honey, and we would love to be able to come talk at your school or other special events! I'd love to answer any questions you have about honeybees or beekeeping. Simply submit your question under the Questions tab of the blog or email me at buzzingacrossamerica@gmail.com.

Where in America is Queen Mary?


  1. good job at the elk mound school in Wisconsin I was one of the third grader also how many times has you got stung.

    1. Thank you! I had fun presenting to your class! I have gotten stung several times. As a beekeeper, it is just part of the job.

  2. How are you doing today? and where are you? this is jonah from elk mound. are you having fun?


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