Honey Queen

I am Jennifer Hinkel, the 2021 American Honey Queen. I am from Wisconsin, and I am a 2019 graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, where I earned my bachelor's degree in marketing with a certificate in entrepreneurship. I currently work for the Wisconsin State Fair as the Agriculture Education and Communication Coordinator as well as on my family's pumpkin and Christmas tree farm. I enjoy showing and training horses, cooking and baking with honey, photography, woodworking, and volunteering with 4-H in my spare time.

As the American Honey Queen, I am a spokesperson for the American Beekeeping Federation, the national organization for beekeepers. I travel across the United States promoting beekeeping, educating the public, and representing the over 200,000 beekeepers in the United States. The American Honey Princess, Virginia, and I are working very hard this year to promote honey, and we would love to be able to come talk at your school or other special events! I'd love to answer any questions you have about honeybees or beekeeping. Simply submit your question under the Questions tab of the blog or email me at buzzingacrossamerica@gmail.com.

Where in America is Queen Jennifer?

  • January 27-February 2 – Wisconsin (Training & School presentations)
  • February 3 – Wisconsin (media interviews)
  • February 5 – South Dakota (school presentation)
  • February 5 – Iowa (school presentation)
  • March 2-4 – Colorado (Training and Beekeeping operation tours)
  • March 18 – Florida (beekeeping organization meeting)
  • March 19 – Wisconsin (radio interview)
  • April 9 – Washington, DC (school presentations)
  • April 19 – Rhode Island (library presentation)
  • April 20 – Arizona (college presentation)
  • April 27 – Wisconsin (school presentation)
  • May 3 – Wisconsin (4-H presentation)
  • May 4 – Wisconsin (City Council presentation)
  • May 10 – Wisconsin (4-H presentation)
  • May 20 – Wisconsin (4-H presentation)
  • May 22 – California (Bloomberg employee presentations)
  • May 27-30 – Texas (BeeWeaver BuzzFest)
  • June 3 – California (Bloomberg employee presentations)
  • June 10 – New Mexico (STEM Camp presentation)
  • June 12 – Wisconsin (state beekeeping meeting)
  • June 15 – Wisconsin (Farm camp)
  • June 25 – Pennsylvania (4-H presentation)
  • June 30-July 4 – North Carolina (community presentations)
  • July 6 – Wisconsin (State FFA convention)
  • July 15-18 – Arizona (Maricopa Home & Landscape Show)
  • August 5-15 – Wisconsin (State Fair)
  • July 18-24 – Kentucky (State Fair)
  • September 21-27 – California (Palo Cedro Honeybee Festival)


  1. If bees didn't have a queen how do you think it would be in the hive and do yu think there would still be a lot of honey even without one??????

    1. Without a queen, there would be confusion in the hive. The worker bees would try to create a new queen since the queen has an important role of laying eggs. When a hive does not have a queen, the worker bees will gather less nectar to be made into honey.


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