Monday, July 1, 2024


Beeswax is what honeybees use to store honey, nectar, and pollen, as well as creating a place for the queen to lay her eggs. They have wax glands in their abdomens, so they secrete the wax out all over. Once it dries, they shake it off their abdomens and use their feet to form the hexagon pattern we see in honeycomb!

Humans find the wax useful as well. A beekeeper can take the empty comb, melt it down and filter it, then use in in a variety of ways. Some use it in candles because of its ability to melt and burn. Others use it in beauty products like lip balm or soap, because it has very moisturizing properties. Did you know that you can make a reusable alternative to plastic wrap using beeswax? By using fabric, melted beeswax, and pine rosin, you can make beeswax wraps.

No matter what you use it for, beeswax is a great resource!