Saturday, June 1, 2024

Tools of a Beekeeper

Every job has tools that are used in special ways; beekeepers do too. These tools make it easier and safer for the beekeeper to do their work.

Beekeepers in full beekeeping suits.

One of these tools is the veil or helmet. The veil or helmet helps keep the beekeeper safe from possible honeybee stings in the head or neck. Even though honeybees don't want to sting, sometimes they do to protect their beehives. The veil is usually white or light in color because dark colors are more alarming and the same colors as other animals that like to take honey from the beehive. Some beekeepers will also wear a beekeeping suit or jacket and gloves for the same reasons as the veil is worn.

Different types of hive tools.

Another tool a beekeeper uses is the hive tool. It is used to open the beehive and to break some of the seals in the beehive. The hive tool is a piece of metal that has a sharp side and sometimes it also has a hook and the end. The honeybees seal their hive with propolis, a mixture of tree sap and pollen grains. It is really sticky and makes the beehive wind and waterproof. The propolis is the glue that the honeybees put in every crack of the hive. Beekeepers use a hive tool to pry open the hive boxes and remove frames. 
A beekeeper's smoker.

The last tool that most beekeepers use is the smoker. Smoke helps keeps the honeybees calm. When the beekeeper puffs the smoke into the beehive, the honeybees go and eat as much honey as they can. If their beehive was on fire, they would have energy to find a new place to live. The honeybees are distracted by eating the honey, so there are less honeybees flying around as the beekeeper takes care of the beehives.