Friday, January 14, 2011

It's So Creamy!

We all love honey for the sticky, drippy sweetness. But did you know there's a way to eat honey with less mess? It's still pure honey, but it's in a spreadable consistency that won't dribble off of your biscuits.

This is called creamed, whipped, or spun honey (all the same thing). Creamed honey is thick and spreadble.

How do we make creamed honey? It's not hard. First, we begin with a starter (creamed honey from another batch). Beekeepers then mix it with liquid (regular) honey for a certain period of time. After that it's refrigerated at 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Once finished, the creamed honey will stay nice and thick in your pantry.

Try some creamed honey with peanut butter on toast for a fantastic "PB&H"

"Bee in the Know":  Honey will last forever if properly stored.  If you have liquid honey that has crystallized, simply soak the jar in some hot (but not boiling) water and it will reliquify.

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