Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Thankful For...

At Thanksgiving, many of us stop and think what we're thankful for- and there are so many things to consider.  But most people don't know that we should be thankful for HONEYBEES!

Why would you want to be grateful for honeybees?

1.  Tasty Thanksgiving Food
From the cranberry sauce to pumpkin pie, much of our food during thanksgiving and throughout the year needs honeybee pollination.  This means that maybe there wouldn't be as much to pass around the table without our friend the honeybee!

2.  Clothes
Honeybees even help to pollinate cotton for the clothes that we wear! 

3.  Honey
I love honey on my rolls during dinner.  Ask if you can get some honey for your honey-glazed turkey or ham, honey whipped cream to top off your pumpkin pie, and many other tasty foods during this holiday season.

4.  Beeswax Candles
A lot of people put special candles in the center of their tables for Thanksgiving.  Light up the room (and the holiday atmosphere) with beeswax candles from a local beekeeper!

So many reasons to thank the honeybee!

"Bee in the Know":  The pilgrims sweetened all of their dishes with either honey or maple syrup for the first Thanksgiving dinner!

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