Friday, December 1, 2017

Colors that Honeybees See

         Did you know that honeybees can see flowers so small they are barely visible to you and me? Do you wonder how they can see tiny little flowers while flying so quickly? Honeybees are truly amazing insects, so let us learn how honeybees see. 

Honeybees have incredible eyes. In fact, they have five different eyes with different jobs. Three small eyes on top of their heads control how much light enters. The other two eyes are used to see an image of their surroundings.

           Not only do honeybees differ from humans by having five eyes, but also they are able to see different colors people are unable to see. Honeybees see in ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light allows bees to see more blues and purple, whereas people see more reds and yellows. Almost every flower has ultraviolet light in it. The ultraviolet color pattern on the flower acts as a runway that leads the honeybees to the nectar. Honeybees prefer flowers that are open and with fewer petals so that they easily land on the flower to drink nectar and collect pollen.

So, how do the honeybees spot the tiny little flowers while flying? They have five eyes that help them see better and they see ultraviolet light that helps them see even the smallest of flowers. Honeybees need lots of flowers to pollenate, so if you love flowers too, help the bees by planting flowers or taking care of the flowers near you.

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