Friday, March 1, 2024

What do bees do in the winter?

When it comes time for winter, all of the bees have different jobs to prepare! The queen is laying eggs for all of her winter bees, which will keep her warm and protect her during the winter months. The drones, who get kicked out for the winter, will quickly die off. The workers have one of the most important jobs during this time: to keep the queen alive! When the temperature drops, the workers will cluster around their queen to keep her warm. 

They will switch places to make sure everyone stays warm, and some bees will leave the cluster to get nectar, pollen, and honey to feed themselves and the queen. Once the weather warms up, they will leave the hive in small spurts to ensure that there is not too much waste inside the hive. Even though they are not leaving the hive, these little pollinators are still very busy inside their home. 

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